Why our clients hire us?

The simple answer is we provide expert counsel in the areas of corporate strategy and performance turnarounds. But there’s more to what we do.

We aren’t just consultants. We are former operators, marketers, salespeople, new business developers and more. We know what it feels like when a business underperforms, when a start-up fails or growth stalls, and how to fix it, and we know the challenges an organization faces when business as usual no longer leads long-term success.

We also love to help clients identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, plan for expansion, and take their business to the next level.

We challenge our clients to do more than address a technical or intellectual challenge, but to embrace the viewpoints, adaptability and agility necessary to succeed in today's business environment where continuous change has become the norm.

Post-M&A Strategy

The union of two companies to create a new, hopefully better company, is the ideal place for us to use our Collaborative Consulting approach to help our clients execute M&As successfully.


We help clients focus on the “why” of a deal. Together, we define the right strategy that will allow them to achieve the intent of the merger or acquisition.


We work together to identify where to consolidate, integrate or incubate, and when to continue independent operations. At each step of the merger/acquisition, we help clients think through “how” to operate their newly combined firms – providing insight into blueprinting, integrating information systems, solving for customer-facing aspects, as well as internal and external communications.

We will manage an M&A program from A to Z on behalf of our clients, from project management to budget management, thus allowing our clients to focus on day-to-day operations with minimal distraction.

Organization & Culture:

We help our clients identify and address the behavioral changes necessary to maintain a strong positive culture, employee engagement and performance before, during and after two unique cultures come together.

Performance Turnarounds


We identify the culprits to poor financial performance and deliver workable solutions that can transform bottom-line results.


We delve into a client’s core business to uncover obstacles to peak performance, whether it’s inefficiencies, bottlenecks or outdated processes, then form strategies and tactical operational changes that restore optimal performance.


We identify the “who, what, when and why” of an ailing organization, then we work with the client to implement structural solutions and behavioral changes that can transform their staff's mindset and their organization's culture.

Growth & Expansion

Core Growth:

We identify viable market opportunities – from new branches and product lines, to expansion into new geographies or businesses – making sure to take into account a client’s specific strengths and limitations and we address any issues that could hamper success.

International Expansion:

We assess expansion opportunities, using our breadth of experience to determine which markets and products to consider. Moreover, we help our clients develop a checklist for success based not just on market assimilation but the client’s own strategic goals and internal capabilities.