Any consulting firm is only as good as its people.


We at Global Perspectives are a like-minded bunch, committed to providing something different and better than what is expected from a traditional consulting firm.

Our unique operating structure gives us the intellectual freedom to do what’s best for our clients. We are independent consultants and firms joined together in the practice of engaging work. Our global partnership network and unique compensation structure allows us access to phenomenal talent. We can offer a breath of industry and regional expertise and deliver it with cohesion, synergy and efficiency. Since no one is paid a salary and our infrastructure is lean, our overheads remain low. We don’t take on projects to cover our overheads, and we don't staff project to reach internal billing targets - we compose the right team to meet a client’s specific needs, and our team only takes on projects they are passionate about. Our pay is tied to client satisfaction. And all of these economies directly benefit our clients.


Our People


Our Partners