We are always looking for exceptionally talented consultants who share our passion for adding value, and enjoying it!

How we work

We work with an innovative operating structure that joins together a global network of independent consultants and expert firms to deliver a breadth of industry and regional expertise that’s unmatched by other boutique firms.

We staff each project to meet specific client needs, without the pressure to attain billable hour targets or the desire to keep anyone fully-staffed.

This gives us the freedom and flexibility to tackle only the topics we are most passionate about, to focus on clients we believe in, and to only take on projects when we feel we can trigger a sustainable transformation.


What does this mean for our staff?

We offer extensive flexibility.

You get to pick when you want to work, and what projects you want to work on.

We can promise passion, innovation and collaboration – and a commitment from us that you will only work on topics you love, and for clients you believe in!

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